Document Management Solutions

Hershey UK provides on-premise and cloud-based Document Management Solutions to help regain control and stop the paper madness, allowing you to create, collaborate and coordinate business documents across your entire organization.

Contract Management Solutions

You will be surprised what you do not know about your contracts - and what you do not know about them, can cost you the most. Putting your contracts in the drawer after you sign them does you no favours. Click here to find out more

Document Management doesn't have to be complicated or costly

Tick all the right boxes with solutions from Hershey UK. We will help you select the best Document Management Solution for your requirements and needs, allowing you to benefit from the latest advancements in client server and cloud technology. With our pre-configured document templates for critical business areas and one-off set up and configuration fee, we eliminate the need for expensive programming, consultancy and protracted implementations.

Whatever your need we can enable you to be up and running in no time at an affordable price.

Why not call us to discuss your document needs and arrange for a no obligation on-line demonstration so that you can see for yourself the immediate benefits that we can provide, such as:


Reduced Storage Costs

Reduced Operating Costs

Increased Productivity

A solid Disater Recovery Strategy


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